The city of Évora is the capital of the Alentejo, historical city, UNESCO World Heritage site since 1986, is located in one of the largest regions of Portugal, the Alentejo.

The architectural and artistic heritage of Évora is impressive and omnipresent, and on its own, it guides the steps of those who like walking aimlessly: from the Romanesque to the Neoclassical, through the Gothic and the various expressions of the Manueline, Renaissance and Baroque, all epochs of history are documented with works that fill the eyes and soul. Referring only the essential, you will need a few hours to visit the Roman Temple, Santa Maria Cathedral, São Francisco Church and the Bones Chapel, D. Manuel Palace, S. Brás Hermitage, the Belvedere of Casa Cordovil, the Manueline window of Garcia de Resende house, Espírito Santo College, the current University, Misericórida Church, Praça do Giraldo and the Garcia de Resende Theater.