The connection of the Grave family to the Quinta de São José de Peramanca dates back to the early twentieth century. It was in 1913 that the great-grandfather of João Grave acquired these lands and so, this property has been the center of the Agricultural House of the last four generations of this family, traditionally linked to agriculture and cattle breeding.

The current owner, João Grave, after the partition of the inheritance, assumed the command of the Quinta de São José de Peramanca and decided to immediately invest in wine production as a way to monetize the property. The connection and involvement of the owner and his family in these lands is evident, and a visible example of this is the relationship that Joaquim Grave (Father of João Grave), who died in October 2012, had with the farm, that until his 90 years, he slept in the room next to where he was born.

Today, João Grave lives in the farm. His mother, a poet and painter Maria Tereza de Vasconcelos e Sá Grave, dedicated a poem to this wine in her book "Fruits of Time."