The wines of S. José de Peramanca made the news in several media. Here are the latest highlights and news.

Pêra-Grave Wines


In 1900, a publication prepared for the Paris World's Fair stated that: "The Peramanca wines, mainly the whites, are notable, light, delicate, pleasing to the palate and have a bouquet."

By the end of the 19th century, the wines produced in Peramanca had won several medals at international competitions.

Prestige of Peramanca Wine


As regards the secular prestige of Peramanca wine, in 1590 Manoel Luis, Luis Mendes de Vasconcellos and other students at Évora University sang about this wine in the " Paródia Bácchica" Canto I d'Os Lusíadas:

Illustrious drunks,drunkards,

In d'Alcochete near Villa Franca,

By seas never before discharged

Yet passed beyond Peramanca

In impetuous revelry and suppers

More than whites were allowed,

In Évora city stayed

Where barrels and quarters poured.

Quinta de São José de Peramanca - Wines with history


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Pêra-Velha available


Quinta de São José de Peramanca will soon launch a new brand, it will be its third. Pêra-Velha will be the brand for an excellent wine, its going to be a wine of high quality, "we are waiting a long time for him but with no rush, because this is one of those wines that only appears in particular years" says João Grave, owner and Head of this house.